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Dental Crowns


We have been using CEREC® for 9 years and have made thousands of restorations.

Thanks to the exceptional precision of CEREC® technology: the single visit dental crown, we can create beautiful computer generated porcelain restorations that are durable and blend in with the surrounding teeth. All of this can be done in as little as a single visit. This means no need for temporaries or second visits for the same tooth.

With this technology we minimize tooth loss, increase the strength of the tooth and restore the tooth with the most biocompatible material available. The properties of the porcelain we use very closely approximate that of enamel. Your teeth can be restored back to their original strength and beauty in as little as one appointment.

CEREC® uses a special camera to take an optical impression of your teeth and relays the exact specifications to a computer. We then design a precise restoration to fit your tooth right before your eyes. The milling unit then manufactures the restoration custom matched to the shade of your tooth. We bond it to your tooth and you’re done.

CEREC® is the pinnacle of dental restoration technology, allowing us to perform complex procedures quickly, precisely, efficiently and with stunningly beautiful results.