Overbite or Crooked Teeth

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What is an Overbite?


Overbites are identified when the upper teeth protrude over the lower teeth by a proportion of between 30-50%. It is what is medically referred to as a malocclusion. Oftentimes, an overbite can merely appear to be a problem with crooked teeth when in fact the real concern is that the patient’s teeth and jaws are not lining up properly. Overbites can often be hereditary, with some people being born with malformed jaws that developed in an uneven manner.

If your overbite is causing issues, it’s important to make an appointment with our team for treatment. Whether the patient is a child or adult the best way to prevent dental issues from occurring is to make sure you visit a dentist early and often.We recommend a checkup for children by at least the age of 7 for the detection of an overbite. Adults need to get regular checkups every six to twelve months to ensure early intervention to avoid the potentially severe physical consequence of leaving an overbite untreated.