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We have been a proud and successful contributor in cosmetic dentistry in Calgary for 30 years. A matter of fact, Dr. Tim Kearns has had cosmetic dentistry (veneers) on his front teeth done by his father, Dr Bill Kearns, almost 30 years ago. A testament to the fact that they work and the quality of work done. Today there are even stronger and more aesthetic materials available. Often different techniques can be combined together to achieve the desired result. In rejuvenating your smile we may combine veneers, dental crown and bridge, dental implants, bonding, bleaching and tooth movement (orthodontics). The end result means an overall improvement in the health of your joints, better function, and a beautiful smile.

Let us Improve Your Smile With Our Professional Cosmetic Dentistry, Calgary

Cosmetic dentistry, Calgary, combines health and function with artistic design to create a result that is tailored to each individual. While many people think "cosmetic dentistry" refers to simply making teeth look nice, it actually encompasses techniques that are used for engineering sound, functional and natural-looking teeth at the back of the mouth as well as the front. Choosing to enhance your smile can promote healthier teeth and gums and prevent further tooth damage and decay. Beauty and function should go hand in hand. The best cosmetic dentistry should not be noticed as dentistry at all, but simply as a great smile.

Cosmetic Dentistry, Calgary: Veneers, Dental Crowns and Bridges

Porcelain veneers are one of our greatest tools for enhancing a smile. They are thin shells of fired porcelain that are placed on the front and side surfaces of the teeth. Offering a natural look and feel, veneers allow us to dramatically change the length, width, color and shape of a tooth. Versatile and strong, porcelain veneers are used for a variety of smile enhancements, from complete smile makeovers to repairing a chipped tooth. Restoring teeth to their natural beauty, we create an enduring white, bright beautiful smile.

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