Lasers in Dentistry?

Modern technology has changed the way we live. Everyday, our lives are impacted by new and improved products and services. Dentistry is no exception. There have been many new and exciting breakthroughs in dental-laser technology, which have given dental professionals the ability to offer patients alternative options to recommended treatment. One of the BEST benefits of dental lasers is their ability to reduce and even kill bacteria! Did you know approximately 560,000 bacterium could potentially live on a surface the size of a pinhead! Keeping this in mind imagine how much bacteria are living in the pockets around your teeth! As, not all of this oral bacteria is ‘bad’, dental lasers will seek out and reduce/ kill only the dark pigmented bacteria (bad bacteria) which is involved with inflammation (gum disease) leaving the ‘good’ bacteria alone. The ‘bad’ bacteria not only cause gum disease, but have been linked to heart problems, diabetes and other serious illnesses. Using laser technology in conjunction with other therapies will help to reduce ‘bad’ bacteria and enhance both oral and overall health and well-being.